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Blog No. 10: Final Thoughts

My opinion of this class is a very positive one. I really did learn a lot! Some things were more of a refresher and some things were completely new, but I enjoyed being able to do hands-on assignments as opposed to just reading or talking about them, like making our own audio tracks and making our own videos. As much as I hate public speaking, I’m surprisingly glad that presentations were a big part of this class. I think because it had been so long since I gave one, and because my jobs have zero face-to-face contact involved, I was extra terrified. I am extremely critical of myself, so it’s easy to get caught up in that. But I think these feelings also meant that I needed to have to give a presentation. Or three.

I really appreciated the humor and the doses of reality you’ve injected into the lessons within the class, especially since it’s an evening class. It’s so easy for professors to essentially pass out rose-colored glasses, and I wish I had heard some cold truths much earlier.

I would have liked to learn more about careers in advertising. I also would have liked to learn more about careers in marketing and animation. I would like to learn more about marketing related to design in general, though I know that isn’t exactly the purpose of this class. I think it would have been helpful to learn more about what makes good design good, and what makes bad design bad. We talked about it in relation to web design, and we touched on it a little early on I think. And it’s probably a subject that makes up the bulk of a class that I haven’t taken yet, so if so, my bad.

I would have enjoyed more opportunities to make things that could go into my portfolio. I also really liked the more hypothetical assignments, like the website redesign and the ad campaign, so more of those would have been fun.

Overall I think my greatest take away from this class is that we have to keep learning and updating our skills and ourselves in order to stay marketable. No one had really taught me that before, and, even though it seems like common sense now, I left UT thinking that I could find great jobs and work for the next 50 years on that knowledge alone. Seeing how comical that idea is reaffirmed my decision to come back to school and definitely showed me my instincts were correct despite people telling me the opposite just a few months ago.